Employment disputes invariably arise and companies need a strong advocate in these difficult circumstances. They are often time-consuming, stressful, and expensive for a company and take time away from the business of the company. We are lean. And efficient. Our size allows us to offer alternative rate structures, and achieve outstanding results that speak for themselves. Our willingness to not back down throughout the life of a case is always apparent, which opens the door for our clients for effective settlements if that is their goal.

We represent companies throughout California in:

  • Pre-litigation disputes
  • State and federal agency claims (including in front of the Department of Labor, Department of Labor Standards Enforcement, Employment Development Department, Office of Labor Standards Enforcement, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Department of Fair Employment and Housing)
  • Litigation in state and federal courts

We strive for consistent, straightforward communication with our clients throughout the life of our representation, including keeping clients apprised at strategy every step of the way, and by creating detailed cost estimates for companies to plan accordingly. If and when settlement is appropriate, we find an efficient and effective way to meet that goal through private mediation, early neutral evaluation, arbitration, and/or court-mandated settlement conferences.